What to Do With “Inc And Co Magazine” Articles

“Inc & Co” Magazine is one of the leading business magazines in Ireland. It features important new companies every month with a variety of articles, tips, market reports and interviews that can help you with your own business growth. The magazine is also available in digital format, which means you can download the issues online. The Inc and Co website features a number of articles that have been published on the publication. If you are looking for business tips or new company listings, you will want to check out the Inc & Co Mag. In this article, I will discuss some of the issues that were brought to my attention when I was doing research for an article.

One of the articles I was most interested in was won by Jack Collins. He was discussing how young people should consider starting their own business before going to work for a large corporation. Inc & Co had several articles regarding small and medium sized companies, and Collins was very complimentary of the Small Business Administration. He mentioned that the SBA was an excellent source of advice for new and growing companies Inc & Co magazine article.

Another helpful article that I found was one written by Jon Katzenbach. He was discussing how small companies could increase their earnings if they adopted an innovative marketing strategy. Inc and Co had an article discussing this same issue. While the information in that article may be relevant to my own business, I would like to include my own thoughts here as well. Katzenbach was probably right about the challenges presented by new companies.

Inc and Co also have a number of helpful articles on energy efficiency. With global demand for more energy, and the price of oil hitting all-time highs, it is more important than ever to maximize the efficiency of our usage. The article by Jon Katzenbach was very helpful in reminding small business owners to look at their operations closely. While I agree with a lot of what he writes about energy conservation, I also believe that new technologies and advanced machinery can reduce the cost of operations quite substantially. So while I do agree with some of what Inc and Co say in the article, I also believe that the benefits of technological improvements far outweigh what it costs to implement them.

Finally, I want to share with you one of the more humorous pieces I’ve read in awhile. It was a review of Microsoft Excel versus Calc. In the review, Inc and Co compared the capabilities of each program to show which was more appropriate for use with specific business situations. It’s a good bit of fun reading through the comparison and coming to the conclusion that Excel was clearly better for simple data analysis whereas the competition couldn’t provide more than a spreadsheet. Of course, I have a lot of experience with both of these programs and find that there are situations where the differences are clear. However, comparing the capabilities of two of the biggest names in technology software, I find that the Excel performance can get a bit too much for some small business needs.

Overall, I am not surprised by what I read in the latest Inc & Co Magazine Article. The information they included was mostly correct and the article did provide some food for thought. The biggest surprise for me has been the comments that I’ve seen on my Facebook and Twitter that were similar to what I’ve read in these magazines. I’m not surprised that big businesses are turning to Inc and Co to get their facts across. I just hope that the focus of the information is not misconstrued by business owners who may be more interested in selling Inc and Co-products than in learning how to use them properly.

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