Travel Cat Supplies You Need

When people think of traveling with their pets, often they think of traveling with a dog. But a number of people travel with their cats as well. So, what kind of travel cat supplies do you need if you are going to take your feline on the road. This article is going to delve into some of the things you may want to consider if you want to keep your furry feline friend a little more comfortable along the trip and hopefully make it a little easier for both of you.

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The first and most important thing you can pack is a bed for your cat. All cats like familiar territory. They like to feel safe. They like to feel like they have a home and a safe area to go to if any thing in the world around them seems threatening. There are a lot of things that are going to seem threatening as you are driving. It could be the semi next to you or when you park in a rest area the dog barking from a car nearby Best cat supplies.

No matter what scares your cat, he needs a familiar space where he can curl up and feel like he is not going to get hurt. This is exactly why you want to bring his bed along.

Litter Box

Your cat is going to need to use the facilities just like you do during the road trip. So, you want to make sure you have a litter box in the vehicle as well that is a part of your cat supplies list. There are a number of options when it comes to having a litter box for your cat that can go in the car.

First you can take your at home litter box, especially if you have one with a complete domed top that your cat can walk into, and just put it somewhere in the car where your cat can access it.

Cats are very smart about these things. He will quickly find the litter box and figure out where you have put it when he needs to use it. Otherwise there are travel litter pans you can find in the travel cat supplies section of your pet store and use those.

Food and Water

Depending on your cat’s feeding habits, you may have a cat that is used to free feedings and watering meaning that there is always food and water available to him. To have this change while on a trip is going to cause even more confusion in your cat’s life. So you are going to want to make sure that you have a food and water source available. There are travel food and water kits that are meant specifically to be able to hold up to moving around in a vehicle without spilling all over the place. Keep an eye out for one of these while you are purchasing your travel cat supplies.


If you have a cat that has particular toys that he is used to having around all the time and likes to carry around the house, make sure you bring these along. Some of these can be an item of comfort much like a child may have a blankie or a favorite stuffed animal. You don’t want to leave this behind and make your car a little more anxious because its favorite toy is not around.


A lot of cats have issues when traveling in the car and cannot just lie down and stay still. For this reason you may want to get a harness for your cat as part of your travel cat supplies. There are a number of traveling harnesses that can hook your cat into the seatbelt of the car. He will have a little ability to move around, but if you have to break fast or something else happens that spooks the cat, he won’t be able to move too far and he will stay safe from harm.

Leash and Collar

You’re probably not going to want to keep your cat cooped up all the time, especially if you are going on a long trip with him. Therefore, you may want to put a leash or collar on your travel cat supplies list to make sure that you have the ability to take your cat out, walk him around and give him a little exercise when you get out of the car. It is best if you have worked with your cat on being on a leash in advance if you are going to do this

Travel Carrier

Not all cats can handle the idea of traveling in the car and being allowed any freedom in the vehicle. If your cat doesn’t seem to be doing well you are going to need a carrying case or a regular carrier to put him in and keep him safe during the trip.

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