Top 10 Halloween Costumes For Boys (2009)

It is almost that time of year again where witches fly through the air, ghosts come out of hiding and scary parties are held all over the world. Just like fashion, Halloween costumes come in trends; what was cool last year may not go over so well in 2009 (though there are some get-ups that remain timeless year in and year out). Here are this year’s top 10 Halloween costumes for boys.

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No. 10: Mummy
Kind of scary but not too much, mummy costumes are great because they are simple, all-in-one-type get-ups. Whether you use a pre-made costume or wrap yourself in toilet paper or lengths of gauze, all you really need to achieve the mummy look are a pair of white sneakers and some gray makeup for face and hands for that “just risen from the sarcophagus” look Juice Wrld Store.

No. 9: Vampire
With the huge popularity of the Twilight saga, it is no wonder one of the hottest costumes this Halloween is the vampire. There are so many vampire variations one could go for, from a classic Dracula to a vampire gone punk. Besides the standard black cape and fake fangs, just add some white face paint and flashy jewelry to complete the look.

No. 8: Ghost Rider
This is a popular costume that goes along with the film starring Nicholas Cage. Along with a half-mask and jacket you will need black jeans, boots and makeup on half of your face to give you that skeletal look from the Ghost Rider movie.

No. 7: Prom Goth Guy
If you are planning on going trick or treating or spending Halloween with your girlfriend, why not dress up as a dark prom couple? For your half of the costume, think about dressing up as an undead ghoul in fancy party clothes (ripped and torn, of course). Add scuffed shoes and makeup to achieve that living-dead look. An old-looking top hat and cane will finish off the costume.

No. 6: Indiana Jones
Action heroes are always popular and good old Indy is no exception. There are many types of Indiana Jones costumes available that come with the simplest jacket and hat to a full costume including pants, shirt, jacket and hat. All you need to add are a few accessories that any adventurer would be likely to carry: a whip, sunglasses, a canteen and a bag to carry treasure in.

No. 5: Army Soldier
Noble and patriotic, a good soldier costume should include a uniform suit and hat. You’ll have to add the combat boots and maybe even some medals for heroic acts. Costumes usually come in either desert camo, olive drab and urban camo grey. You won’t need much makeup to finish off this costume – unless you want to add camo paint to the face.

No. 4: Olympic Medalist
Here is your chance to show off your favorite sport or player on Halloween. Whatever type of athlete or competitive activity you choose to represent, don’t forget the medal – will you be winning bronze, silver or gold?

No. 3: Oscar The Grouch
Sesame Street is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and get-ups mimicking the characters from the famous kids show are going to be dominating the Halloween scene. Dress as Oscar the Grouch – complete with garbage can! You can use a real can or a cardboard version – a metal garbage can might be handy for holding some of your candy but it might weight you down.

No. 2: Rapper
Even if rap music isn’t really your thing, it could be fun to dress up as a rapper this Halloween. Think baggy jeans, an over-sized shirt and some ridiculous bling around your neck. Or, try and emulate one of your favorite hip-hop stars – new or old. How about Flavor Flav with a gigantic clock around your neck and a viking hat perched on your head or MC Hammer with his signature baggy pants?

No. 1: Michael Jackson
Pay tribute to one of the greatest pop stars of all time – Michael Jackson. Since MJ went through many stages (and faces) throughout his life, you can choose to represent a young Michael who sang with his brothers in The Jackson 5 or a zombie Michael from the famous Thriller video.

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