Tinnitus Cure – How to Manage Tinnitus

Tinnitus is extremely painful, basically it is ringing in the ears but to a level intense enough to cause crippling pain. People suffer from this disease because there is still no cure, there are experimental expensive procedures that have a “percentage” of success rate so you spend thousands to find out it doesn’t work for you. Even if there is no medical cure there are ways to manage your Tinnitus. Here are few ways to manage your Tinnitus and ease the pain.

Avoid Irritants – Loud Noises, Caffeine, nicotine, tonic water, and alcohol. These are few things that can aggravate Silencil Tinnitus. Loud noises for obvious reasons. Caffeine, Nicotine, tonic water, and alcohol because they increase your blood pressure. High blood pressure is known for aggravating the symptoms of Tinnitus.

Cover The Silence – Tinnitus seems to get more aggressive and the noises are more noticeable when the patient is in a place with complete silence. The ideal place or time is bedtime, so having a fan or soft music on while sleeping is highly recommended to mask the noise.

Stress Management – Stress can trigger the symptoms of tinnitus and may even cause them to be more aggressive than usual. Listening to soft music is highly recommended to stay calm and try avoiding stressful situation. And if work is one of the sources of stress try bringing your I pod and listening to soft music to get a fresh look at the environment.

By making small changes to your daily life you can ease the pain of tinnitus. Good Luck!

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