They Say You Can’t Take a Pill to Make You Skinny – Okay How About a Vaccine, Make it Permanent

The Holy Grail of diet and weight loss would be to find a pill that you could take once a day, which would make you skinny. And don’t think that people haven’t tried, after all there are pills that are fat binders which are specifically charged to grab onto the fat, and since the pill contains a formula not easily digestible, your digestive tract, simply discharges it. Unfortunately these don’t work as well as they’d been promoted.

Then, there have been other pills, sold as dietary supplements, which cause people to lose weight, but folks have gotten addicted to them, and they have damaged their heart valves causing serious health issues, leading to heart disease and heart attack. So that’s not very funny. Nevertheless, researchers, chemists, and scientists all hope that one day they will find a pill which can make you skinny.

Well, now some researchers have come up with a better scheme, they say they’ve come up with something that can cure obesity permanently. Yes, that does sound a little far-fetched, and there is still more we search to do to actually prove that with empirical data and legitimate research which Sonus Complete can be blessed by the FDA, or not.

Indeed, there was a great article on this in LifeScience Magazine online on June 10, 2011 titled “Can a Vaccine Cure Obesity?” by Rachael Rettner of MyHealthNewsDaily. The article stated;

“The vaccine is designed to block the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin. Mice injected with the vaccine ate less and burned more calories than mice not given the vaccine. If such a vaccine were developed for human use, it would have advantages over current weight-loss drugs, which have side effects and cannot be used over the long term.”

Now then, that does sound rather promising doesn’t it? However there have been several drugs on the market in Europe which have been withdrawn because of risks of stroke or heart attack for instance. It really appears to me that the problem is a lot more complex than a mere vaccine can satisfy, without having the law of unintended consequences rear its ugly head, as it has in the past with diet pills, that solve one problem only to create another.

And obviously illegal substances such as methamphetamines, or other drugs cause far worse damage to the human body than solving the problem of obesity. Further, if people would exercise more and eat right they wouldn’t have the problem in the first place, therefore the laziest people are the most apt to try such a drug, thinking that they can solve one problem by simply popping a pill.

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