The Life of Caribou

The Caribou is a beautiful large white-colored animal with short legs and an extended neck that stand between nine and thirty inches tall at shoulders. The average weight is around two hundred pounds. It is known for its large body size which can weigh up to eight hundred pounds. This large body makes it the largest wild animal in North America. It is also one of the most widely hunted animals in North America with over eighteen million hunters taking part in a count taken each year Caribou.

DescriptionThe Caribou, also called caribou in North America, is a beautiful species of white-colored deer with sub-tropical distribution, primarily resident in northern tundra, arctic, sub-arctic, boreal, highland, and tundra regions of north, south, and east Asia. This includes migratory and sedentary populations. This large herbivore is known to feed on a variety of plant types including grasses, alfalfa, reed, meadow grasses, bamboo, weeds, roots, seeds, stalks, and nectar.

Location Caribou is usually found in mountainous areas in tundra regions and forests. They migrate every four to five years, although some have been known to make seasonal trips as far south as southern Canada and Alaska. During their annual migration, they are said to cover up to thirty miles of distance in search of greener pastures and water. During summer they seek shelter under rocks or brush cover where they rest and feed.

reproduction And because of their secretive behavior, caribou mating secrets remain a mystery even to ecologists. This is why it is hard to know the exact date of when a pair will mate. Sometimes they will find their spots and be together, but other times they will choose a secluded spot not visible to the eye. When a pair does mate, the female lays an egg, which will take about two months to hatch.

habitat Caribou roams wide areas of land and they are nocturnal, meaning they sleep at night. They hunt during the day, but spend most of their time resting or browsing in their thick forested grounds. They are nocturnal, but their activity patterns give them little time to get out of doors. In their migratory herds, they arrive at their hunting grounds late in the evening for a midday stop. Then they move on without a trace.

food source Caribou prefer an almost completely vegetarian diet. They have a variety of meaty dishes, but a very low fat percentage. They also eat plants, roots, and berries, although they have been known to plant a few seeds. Throughout their life, these animals consume an average of 22 pounds of meat and fat each year. Their range is small, but they can be seen throughout most of Canadian provinces.

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