The Best 5 Online Resources For Sex Addiction

The days, weeks, and even months after a person comes to accept that he or she has a sex addiction are particularly difficult. Whether it happens through an intervention of family and friends, a clinical diagnosis, or a dawning self-awareness, facing the reality of sex addiction is often overwhelming. Fortunately there are many resources available to answer questions and to help in all stages of treatment and recovery. The following online resources are among the best. Although based in San Francisco, this website has information for everyone; it is filled with informative articles, details on the sex addiction cycle, and a list of resource books literotica. This site also offers a thorough list of important links including e-mail groups, resource and recovery groups, and even some possible clinical studies to participate in. It is important for the person working to recover from sex addiction to have a support network of other men and women in recovery, people who are able to empathize. Sexaholic’s Anonymous (SA) is a support group that holds meetings internationally. On their website SA outlines the purpose and content of their meetings and provides contact information for their meetings across the globe. This is a website that covers nearly all of the diseases that can affect a person’s life, including sex addiction. The site is divided by disease, allowing for ease of use. Although it requires the user to set up an account, the site offers the online equivalent of a support group and informational forum combined. Accounts can be set up using a pseudonym, allowing for complete anonymity. Registered users ask and answer questions about their story, treatment, and progress. It is not just the person recovering from sex addiction that can benefit from online resources. It is understood that healing is necessary for the family and friends of the addicted. When the family and friends of an addicted individual begins to heal and change it doesn’t just affect them. Learning how to not enable the addicted individual in your life is key to his or her recovery. offers informative articles and a comprehensive listing of resources under the partners section on their webpage. One of the primary tools used in the initial recovery from sex addiction is rehabilitative therapy. Rehabilitative care includes both in-patient and out-patient options depending on the level of addiction and life circumstances of the addicted individual. This website offers a directory of rehab centers found around the world as well as information about different therapy approaches. There is also a community forum and blog.

Recovery from sex addiction is possible. While it requires commitment and work, overcoming addiction doesn’t have to be just wishful thinking. Acknowledging sex addiction and seeking the help of treatment centers, support groups, and counseling services, are all important steps in living a happier and healthier life. The websites listed above, as well as many other resources available online and in communities throughout the world, are designed to help the person in recovery along every step of the way.

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