Thai Bar Girl Top 10 Commandments

Thailand is a country that many men will travel to in search of some quality time with a beautiful girl, what a lot of westerners fail to realise is that these girls are doing their job and as with all jobs they have rules they try to follow. Bar Girls have the 10 Commandments, these are rules they follow to help each other, obtain more money from customers and just to simply make life a little bit easier for them all. The commandments have been around for a very long time, and have simply been re-written over the years. This is my take on it.

Bar Girl Commandments

1) When looking for potential customers on a Friday or Saturday night, it is very important to ensure you pick your customer correctly. Thailand is full of Western English teachers who do not earn a lot of money, so would not be willing to part with a lot of money. It is best to try and find a farang wearing smart clothes, with dress shoes. Western English Teachers in Thailand generally wear suits and sneakers to work – they are not generally paid a lot of money in Thailand so they will usually be unwilling to party with a lot of money อนิเมะพากย์ไทย.

2) When you are with a customer, you need to forget or not worry if he is over weight, very ugly or smells very bad, even if the farang can tell you are not comfortable with him you must always tell me that he is handsome and that he makes you happy. It is important to remember that once he has paid the bar, the rest is easy.

3) When a customer leave’s Thailand, that is not the end of your work with them. It is crucial to get your customers e-mail address’s and keep in contact with them while they are back in their home country, this will make it easier for you to get the customer again when he returns to Thailand. Having customer’s e-mail address’s also means that you can request money from the farang while they are at home. Most farang have soft hearts, and are happy to part with some of there money if they believe it will be helping someone. A good way to ask for money is to say you have a sick buffalo, failing that your mother/father been sick or been pregnant is the best way to ask for money.

4) Farangs are very soft, and tears from the eyes make them even softer! It is important to be able to cry on queue, this will give you a much better chance at getting more money or presents from the Farang. Thai Girls need to be pro at producing crocodile tears.

5) If you get a customer for longer then 2 nights, you need to request he take you shopping. Gold is a excellent item to look at getting, it will make the customer happy to see you wear it while you are in Thailand and once he leaves you will be able to pawn that item for more money. Should the farang intend to return to Thailand, it is smart to make sure you do not pawn all his items.

6) If you are working, and there are local expats in the bar it is important to ensure you speak in your local dialect. Many farangs can now speak Thai which can make work harder for us, it is important that our local and regional dialects remain just for Thai people.

7) When your customer is leaving Thailand, go to the airport with him. Most times a farang will have thousands of baht left over from there trip that they did not use, most times the farang will be happy to give it to you as he has no use for this money in his home country. When you are saying good bye, remember to cry and get his e-mail address as you will be able to convince him to return to Thailand in the future.

8) It can be better to get Asian customers, they understand our love to gamble and that we have many brothers and sisters at home who need to eat, they will generally pay you more then a farang will (Japanese are known to pay very well)

9) When leaving your customers hotel, ask for Taxi Money! It does not matter if you live next door, this will help you obtain another 200-300 baht very easily. He the farang complains about paying your taxi fare, remember the crying on queue as this will be your ticket for more money. Explain you live very far away and it is dangerous to walk.

10) If you are not making money in your chosen town, it may be time to move to another town. Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok are the best choices to find farangs with money.

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