Recycle Plastic Cans

Plastic can refer to any number of different synthetic or non-synthetic substances that utilize polymers as its main ingredient. Their plasticity enables plastics to be extruded, moulded or pressed into various solid objects of varying shapes. While many think of plastic as a by-product of manufacturing, it is also an extremely important part of our lives, acting as fuel for cars, glasses, dishes and countless other objects around us. It can also be very harmful to the environment if it is not carefully handled.

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Most people focus on recycling or ‘recycle’. However, the majority of us have little knowledge about how plastics are made. Until the information becomes more widely known, it will remain difficult for us to take action against plastic waste and encourage individuals to ensure they do their part in reducing the amount of plastic items that are dumped or polluting land and water. The following article looks at some of the major types of plastics and why they are so useful can nhua 30l.

Liner Plastic Considered the most easily mouldable plastic item, liner plastics are often used to make tins and bottles. They can be melted together to form a hot plastic product like margarine. If melted down, liners are safe enough to cook with, but are not dishwasher and microwave safe, so are often recyclable when removed from the original packaging. To minimise the recycling cost, it is best to re-use these to make other products, rather than throwing them away.

Polymer Resin This is a new type of plastic; created through the mixing of two previously existing plastics. The most popular form of polymer resin is in the making of toys, including characters from Disney and Harry Potter. This new material is also beginning to be used in the production of garden furniture such as tables and chairs. To recycle the resin, it is best to break the plastic into very small pieces, or the broken pieces can be sold on for recycling. However, this is a more expensive way of recycling compared to other ways.

Polypropylene Another newer type of plastic is made from high pressure and heat. These plastics are easy to manufacture and very lightweight, making it easy to manufacture products such as cups and plates. Although the initial cost of these products is higher than other recyclable plastics, the recycling systems used to manufacture them ensure a much lower cost per item. They are also easier to break down and are recyclable when disassembled.

Another option to help recycle cans include purchasing reusable coffee cups or water bottles which can be refilled with empty or new products. Companies such as Green Mountain have produced unique coffee cups which double as an insulated can cover for placing into recycling bins. As well as being environmentally friendly, they are also comfortable. Some of these features make them highly desirable items for recycling. It is estimated that a coffee cup would only need to be reused four times before it could be recycled. This makes them highly desirable as commodities for recycling, rather than junk material.

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