Psychic Science and Evidence

Simply, to put it simply, psychic science may appear to be little more than a fancy name within parapsychology or psychical investigation, but in truth, it’s served as a synonym for spirituality. That said, this does not mean that all who study and practice spiritualism are psychic scientists. Spiritualism and its science have been an extremely important part of many cultures from the Old Testament to the New Testament periods.

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In fact, to this day, there are several sects and organizations that consider themselves to be “heresophies,” or true religions, which involve practices with Biblical connotations. Practitioners of spiritualism believe that God is omnipresent, omniscient, perfectly holy, and even an omnipotent being, though each of these descriptions entails different levels of divinity. In addition, practitioners of spiritualism believe that God’s voice is heard in the words of spoken prayers and also in the viewing of the physical world through the physical eyes of a human being. Spiritualists also believe in the concept of a “spiritual” or “life-force” which is attributed to the infinite intelligence or power of God tu vi 12 cung hoang dao. These life-forces are observed by experts to act as triggers to our thoughts, emotions, and physical actions, and they also cause the action of the physical body. These observations have led experts to conclude that the physical body, and its actions and emotions are nothing more than controlled chemicals which are released reflex actions by the mind into the universe.

The most compelling evidence to support psychic science comes from a group of scientific psychologists called the Cognitive Psychology Association. Led by James Rotton and Anthony Robbins, the CPA conducted an extensive investigation into the foundations and methods of psychic science and concluded that psychic science was nothing more than “explanatory verbal language.” For example, psychic mediums often speak in parables, figurines, or hand gestures which are commonalities from past experiences that have been translated literally into the language of the mind. The CPA further stated that the “overwhelming majority of statements regarding psychic phenomena” are “unattested hypotheses.”

Another group of psychic scientists who are frequently referred to as psychic “experts” include those who work closely with psychics, mediums, and witches. Some critics of psychic science claim that psychic ability is nothing more than “paranormal,” and that there is no evidence supporting such claims. Skeptics argue that psychic ability is scientifically proven, and that those who practice it are testing the boundaries of science by bringing paranormal evidence to bear on what are typically mundane scientific issues. There are also strong arguments that psychic ability is a figment of imagination, that there is no evidence for it beyond what can be verified by scientific means.

However, evidence does exist that points to certain areas of psychic ability. One of the strongest examples is meditation, which is a technique used by many psychics to access psychic potential. It is possible to access a person’s subconscious or deja-vu, which is an instance when a person’s memory is refreshed or altered through a recent memory. Psychics, who practice meditation, can use this technique to access a person’s past lives, and therefore may have evidence of psychic ability within their psychical records.

This evidence is important, because it shows how the scientific community at large is beginning to accept psychic ability as something that is real. Scientists who previously dismissed psychic ability as “mythology” are now publicly accepting it as a real phenomenon. While skeptics continue to deny psychic ability as being impossible, the evidence continues to grow. In the end, scientists must admit that psychic ability exists – but only after they have a solid grasp on the mechanics of psychic ability.

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