Playa Santo Domingo – A Dominican Republic Sanctuary

Situs Domino casino

It has been almost 20 years since the Situs Domino casino opened in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This unique enclosed structure was meant to be a temporary shelter for workers building the local airport. Instead it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic. The area surrounding the casino is virtually overrun with tables and poker machines. Tourists coming from the nearby areas bring with them money to play and those who want to play can take advantage of specials and promotions.

The casino is not open all day and night. Though it does have special hours that coincide with the local times, it is only open to players from six p.m. to midnight. Since it is a government owned business it must abide by certain rules. Visitors wishing to play need to have proper identification such as a government issued photo I.D. They must also fill out and sign a form acknowledging they are of legal age

Most of the time the area is quite peaceful as most of the workers are Dominican women. They tend to be very quiet and neat. Many of them are well dressed with neatly pressed clothes. Men are generally seen with baseball caps or towels in hand.

There are a number of shows and performances going on nightly. There are a variety of music available and many of the performers are from neighboring countries. The Dominican Republic is a top tourist destination for many travelers and this is reflected in the number of resorts and hotels that offer a large selection of amenities. There are many restaurants to choose from, and many offer great local cuisine.

Many visitors who stay in the nearby Santo Domingo area do make the trip to play at the Situs Domino Casino. There are also many arcades located here so there are exciting rides for people of all ages to enjoy. There are also a number of shows that have been filmed in the area and these are shown regularly.

Many tourists choose to visit the Situs Domino Casino to watch a game or two. It has become one of the go to places for both Dominican citizens and tourists to enjoy themselves. There are many shows that have been filmed in this area and a number of them have been produced locally. Some of the shows have won awards locally and have screened internationally as well.

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