Pimping Your Ride in Style

Years back, it was enough of a status symbol just to own a car. But today, your car has to come with improvements and accessories for it to be taken seriously. Anything from alloy rims to tinted windows will fit the bill.

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A popular gadget for cars is the dashboard camera. It’s commonly used to shoot music videos, and to film rally car drivers as they race. It comes in different shapes, but they all have a good mounting system to keep them grafted on the dashboard or windscreen. One camera even comes with a GPS built into it, while another is made specifically to record accidents. It has been nicknamed the Car Black Box, and can be quite useful for insurance claims.

Branded key chains are a standard item to have. They advertise your car while you’re away from it, but they also keep you from losing your car keys. Some key chains have special solar powered LCD screens for extra swag บุหรี่ไฟฟ้าราคาถูก.

Music is another essential component for a car, and many cars today are mobile discos. There are endless options when it comes to making your car ‘sing’. There is a wide range of MP3, MP4 and Mp5 players. Each of them comes with a tiny remote control, and they can be powered by plugging them directly into your car’s cigarette lighter.

Some of the music players come with built in FM transmitters, so they can receive radio signals. Many of the players also have a Bluetooth function.

Another function is that these music players have an audio line-in port which allows you to connect them to your phone or some other audio device. When you connect your phone to the music player, it operates like a hands free kit. You can receive calls without picking up your cell phone.

The music automatically stops to let you receive the call, and resumes when the phone call ends. The music players also have noise suppressors and echo cancellation, so that you get a clear signal when listening to music or radio programmes.

The music players come in many shapes and colours to appeal to the tastes of various clients. There are music players that look like perfume bottles, beetles, guitars, car keys, microphones, spaceships, love hearts, apples, eggs, and even teardrops. Some music players are shaped to fit onto the steering wheel, while others have LCD screens.

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