Lisbon Trips – Planning Your Trip

The largest of its kind in the entire Portugal, the Lisbon-Liga228 means” Lisbon’s Number Two”. Built in haste and with great fervour on account of the great influx of visitors that brought a large number of businesses, the city has grown to an enormous extent. But still, it has not become cluttered. One would have been able to recognize the outline of the city from the magnificent street names like Alvor and Estoril. Surprisingly, this great road is not the one that leads to Lisbon de Lisbon. The name actually came from the street name of the Duke of Medina who visited Lisbon from the 16th century.

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It’s interesting to note that the capital city of Portugal has been the recipient of some form of tourism before. For example, the Roman Catholic Church of the Savoy was founded here. In addition, in the past, Lisbon had been the location of the “kingdom of theques”. Travelers today will be amazed to learn that the medieval town has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. That being said, even if you are traveling from the country, you will find a number of flights to Lisbon scheduled from London to Lisbon.

The journey to Lisbon via train or air is an interesting one liga228. The Lisbon railway station is located at the centre of the city and the main train station in Lisbon is called Valle Espanyol. These two stations make up the main east-west transportation network for Lisbon and visitors often use these two transport means to get into the capital as well as the rest of Portugal. The train station Valle Espanyol also offers access to the Intercanal Tunnel which is another remarkable sight to behold.

However, the most convenient mode of transport for visitors to Lisbon would be to take a train from the Lisbon railway station. This can be done quite easily through the online reservation of tickets. However, if you want to avoid the hassle, there are also options where you can arrange for your ticket to be cashed in after arriving in Lisbon. The online reservation is quite easy as there are many websites that deal with train bookings and reservations. You can just visit these sites and follow the instructions given.

You will find a number of fun-filled activities while in Lisbon. There are lots of cafes, bars and nightclubs. Tourists from London are advised to plan their trip intelligently so that they do not get confused with the tourist attractions. In addition, it would be advisable to know about the places that are worth visiting in Lisbon before going there. You can check out the internet or go to a travel magazine to find out about the best places to visit in Lisbon.

A must see while in Lisbon are the Miraflores Palace and Palacio Real. The former is the former residence of King Carlos III and the latter is the national museum where you can find valuable artifacts depicting the Portuguese era. Aside from these, tourists can also try the world famous Brazilian restaurant Jardines Clube. For those who love to dance, then the Sambodromo nightclub is the place to go. All in all, the trip to Lisbon will definitely be an unforgettable one for all types of travelers.

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