Jojoba Oil and Jojoba Oil Bath Products

Jojoba pronounced as “ho-HO-bah” is a shrub that grows in northwestern Mexico, southern California, and southern Arizona. Jojoba oil is produced from the seeds of the jojoba plant and is composed of fatty acids and fatty alcohol. Unrefined oil is golden while the refined version is colorless and have no odor at all.

Jojoba Oil for Hair: Loss, Benefits, and How to Use

Unlike other vegetable oils, jojoba is similar to human sebum and is usually used as a cosmetic ingredient for personal care products most specifically for skin and hair care. What are some of the uses for this particular oil? You cannot use it for cooking, you can only apply it externally because if you do eat it, it will only pass through the body unchanged and it may even cause very unpleasant results such as steatorrhea – where your stool will have excess fat. Jojoba oil however is used to aid in the healing process of stretch marks and wounds. It is also a good fungicide and can be utilized in controlling mildew hair oil.

Because it is chemically similar to sebum, jojoba is an oil extract that helps in moisturizing the body. Body wash with this oil are available in cosmetics shops and in any grocery store. These types of organic body wash are refreshing, moisturizing and most of all soothes the skin. There are different brands that include jojoba oil in their ingredients and you can find them either online or in any brick and mortar store. There are creams with oil from jojoba and these skin care products use a cold pressed version of the oil and are sold at very low prices as well.

Some people ask why they should care about what oil they use. Well, by the time you reach 50 or even 45, your skin will no longer produce enough oil to moisturize your skin making it rougher and will lead to having wrinkles and fine lines. Nobody wants wrinkles and rough skin. To prevent this from happening, either you will your body to produce more sebum when you reach a certain age or you use bath products and creams that have jojoba oil extract.

When you reach a certain age, you would need to moisturize a lot. Although there are many moisturizing agents in the market today, jojoba is the best choice because it is chemically compatible to the skin and will make you look younger than ever.

Aside from applying jojoba oil or creams with the oil extract, a balanced diet is essential to keep your hair and skin healthy. Vitamin E and Vitamin C should be a staple in your daily dose of vitamins. Vitamin E makes your skin glow while Vitamin C helps in wrinkle reduction, add that to your daily diet and you no longer have to go under the knife for you to age gracefully.

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