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“Asian American Sourcing & Trading Alliance are an innovative trading and sourcing association for Asian and Vietnamese manufacturers in wood, metals and a wide selection of other offshore sourcing resources. Under one roof AASA has it all. We specialize in assisting new businesses to bring their new product out to life. Most of our clients have very limited experiences with international manufacturing with non-English speaking countries such as Vietnam and India. We offer a full package including sourcing material from the countries, developing a marketing plan and even offering our design services to help get your design to the market in a timely manner. Not only are we experienced with international manufacturing but with international sourcing India Sourcing Agent.

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With our fully integrated system we are able to provide quality sourced material from India and Vietnam. We have developed a network of over 500 direct suppliers that can provide materials from India and we constantly monitor our worldwide network to ensure only the best raw materials are sourced from the country that is most appropriate for your project. This enables us to provide a full range of products from metal factories in India, wood factories in India, textile factories in India, rubber and plastic factories in India, and so much more. Now it is time for you to get started now.

“Asiansourcing for more get started now call us” is how we get started today. Our mission is to provide consumers with high quality sourced materials at competitive prices. Today it is more important than ever that we reduce our carbon footprint and stay in compliance with the increasingly challenging global environmental standards. It is essential for any business to do their own part in reducing their carbon footprint. That’s why trading with Asia is vital. Trading with Asia helps us do our part and you can join us today.

Many companies have chosen to work with India Sourcing Companies. We are pleased to share that not only does India provide us with a trusted sourcing partner but we have come to understand the importance of working together as one team. Working as an outsourcing service provider for many years, we have come to appreciate the value of working with countries other than our home country. A great deal has changed since first deciding to work with India.

Working with India Sourcing Agent, your company will be exposed to another important culture and language. In India, everyone speaks English, so when you call us for quotes, we can translate your questions and orders into understandable English language. Your sourcing company will take care of all the tedious details from your end.

In India, the people are always willing to help you out. When you call us, you will get started with a translator who will ensure that your question is answered quickly. Another translator will ensure your letter is well worded and professionally done. The team will then translate your papers, presentations and request for quotations into Hindi. This translates your documents into the language of the people in India who are conversant with English.

Outsourcing in India will save you money. In fact, we can say it will help you make money. You no longer need to purchase office furniture of a different country because our supplier here will do that for you. Instead of buying a lot of supplies that we cannot use right away, we can just get started with this and soon have enough stock on hand to fulfill all our future orders.

Let us just say that getting an India sourced business is like having a partner at the most critical point of your business operations. As you work with this India based sourcing company, you will get started on the road to continuous success. Contact us today for an opportunity to start a new business. Let us tell you more about how it all works. You can even apply for an outsourcing job in India today. It’s all according to your own convenience.

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