Increasing the Benefits of Dynamic Signage in Cinemas

By 2012, market experts predict that dynamic advertising will be utilized in almost 90 percent of the world’s retail space. Within the consumer world, cinemas have been an appropriate medium for dynamic signage. These solutions capture the attention of movie-goers in lobbies, as they manoeuvre around the site to and from theatres and their amenities. A world away from the more traditional static print advertising, a single dynamic POS (point of sale) screen can easily and quickly provide a range of companies with striking and animated imagery.

An experienced visual technology solutions integrator provides a unique consultative approach to this market. They will address every aspect of a signage solution – from engineering and manufacturing components to installing and maintaining them. In effect, choosing one who is more nimble than another, dynamic signage companies will be capable of delivering a tailored system digital cinema.

The Dynamic Cinema Scene Solution

Cinema marketers and promoters cater for cinemas and corporate brands. In theatre lobbies they positions brands in front of targeted buyers by running commercial spots on dynamic advertising stands and also deliver comprehensive concession, box office and on-screen program management and planning. It uses new media technology, such as digital media and mobile marketing to promote brands and theatre amenities.

For cinema marketing kiosk products, digital signage integrators provided custom backend hardware, imaging, staging, installation and technical services to fulfil the project and its rollout requirements, offering comprehensive service and support. This effectively deploys large screen custom kiosks in a movie theatre environment which traditionally caters to the demographics of children and young adults.

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