How To Find The Right CBD Manufacturer

While the hype around CBD supplements has been growing exponentially, so have the questions about CBD, including what the CBD “vitamin” really is and what the CBD oil manufacturers are getting their CBD oil from. The hype about CBD supplements is partially due to the fact that we are seeing an increase in reported side effects from traditional prescription drugs, including marijuana. While marijuana has been legalized for medicinal use in many states, CBD is still considered a Schedule II drug, which means it is strictly controlled, and sold according to state law. Many consumers are leery of CBD because it simply does not have the same effect as it is said to have, and as such; many companies are seeking out CBD “products,” but not all CBD products are created equal.

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Before delve into the best CBD manufacturers in the US though, let’s go over just what goes into a CBD product before we jump into the pros and cons of CBD oil products wholesale. From botanically raw, renewable hemp plant to distilled, purified, and concentrated CBD oil, the CBD manufacturing process is long and complex. hemp seed, hemp flowers, hemp stems, and CBD capsules are some of the parts of the plants used in CBD manufacturing. The CBD manufacturing process itself is quite lengthy, taking several weeks from start to finish. This lengthy process gives CBD its characteristic “clarity,” and also the ability to retain and produce its own essential oils.

To help move the CBD manufacturing process along, CBD oil suppliers and manufacturers regularly come up with new formulations and formula’s that keep up with consumer demand. It is a competitive industry and CBD companies have developed many different lines over the years, including but not limited to: CBD capsules, CBD oils, CBD lotions, and CBD gels. Most CBD manufacturers do not use pharmaceutical grade levels of CBD, so most CBD oils and CBD lotions will not have the health and safety standards to pass FDA inspection. The top companies though, have been keeping up with consumer demands by consistently introducing new and improved CBD products onto the market.

Many companies now offer CBD wholesale oil. If you do a search for CBD wholesale oil, you will find thousands of results. Make sure that when you buy bulk oil, the CBD manufacturers you are looking at are licensed by the CBD Board of Pharmacy to sell CBD under medical supervision.

In addition to finding reputable CBD manufacturers online, try to find an exclusive or specialty pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Quality pharmaceutical grade lab-created CBD products will have a much higher purity and strength than un-licensed CBD oil. Many of the “designer” CBD oils that you may see on the market don’t have anywhere near the level of purity found in pharmaceutical grade products. CBD wholesale oil suppliers should have state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that their raw ingredients meet all federal and state safety standards. Many facilities that produce CBD also test their products to make sure that they are consistently pure. Look for a CBD manufacturing facility that has a history of consistently meeting quality standards.

The final step in finding the right CBD oil manufacturer is to make sure that they offer a free shipping program. Most high quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil manufacturers provide free shipping. If they don’t, keep looking! Free shipping can be the sign of a very good CBD oil manufacturer. Once you’ve found one, don’t forget to read up on all the other important aspects of buying CBD.

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