Have Warming And Relieving Effects – Citronella Oil

Aromatherapy is also known as Phytotherapy that is plant therapy. It makes use of various essential oil and plant extract in order to heal and cure various body health problems. Essential oils are volatile and concentrated compound, which is obtained through distillation process. It embraces of aromatic fragrance which improves the individuality and emotional well being of person. 분당스웨디시

Among various essential oils, one of the popular oil is Citronella oil. It is extracted through distillation process from the leaves, stems of Cymbopogon Winteratus or Nardus. The content of citronella oil is citronellal and geraniol. It gives relieve in cold, flu, headache, fatigue, insects bites etc. Sometimes it has been seen that it can cause irritation and redness to sensitive skin. And if these symptoms are seen it is recommended to consult a doctor or therapist as soon as possible.

Citronella oil is clear and embraces of aroma of fresh, fruity, sweet that is something like the flavor of lemon grass. Citronella oil also plays a key role in food industry. It is used as flavoring agent in various candies, cereals, baked food, beverages, alcoholic drinks and various frozen diary products.

In aromatherapy, citronella oil plays a key role as it has warming and relieving features which improves the overall health. It is also blended with other essential oils in order to get enhanced warming and soothing effect. It is used in various ways, as it is mixed with carrier oil and applied on the body through massage. While massaging, the person is recommended to ensure that massaging is done in proper manner. Massaging with citronella oil gives relief in problem like joints and muscles pain. Traditionally, citronella oil is used to deal with problems like menstrual problem, digestive system, fever etc. It also plays a key role in Chinese medicines and it has been proved very effective in problems like rheumatic pain etc.

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