Great Christmas Gifts for Kids

With the holiday seasons coming up you’re probably out shopping for your kids. Only to realize that you have no idea what to get them. If that happens to you then keep reading this article. What we do is follow trends in children’s toys and games. We find the most popular gifts for kids and recommend them in articles like this one. If you want to buy your kids the best gift possible then check out some of these great Christmas gifts for kids. Each of these gifts were handpicked by our authors based on popularity, relevancy, and quality. We wish you a merry Christmas and best of luck on your Christmas shopping Toddler toys.

#5 Crayola Glow Station

This award winning gift empowers kids to create incredible illustrations in a whole new way. The glow station allows kids to become glow in the dark artists. This is actually one of the top selling gifts this entire year. It even won the 2009 Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Toy Award. The Crayola Glow Station uses a glow in the dark canvas with a light wand that allows children’s to draw their own works of art.

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Kids of all ages enjoy their ideas come to life right before their own eyes. The best part is that the toy doesn’t make a giant mess. In fact it even helps clean itself up. All you have to do is let the drawings sit and they’ll slowly disappear in time. The glow canvas can hang from a bedroom wall for display. Keep in mind that you’re going to want a dark room for the glow in the dark ink to show up better.

#4 The Elf of the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf is a magical Christmas tradition. What you’re suppose to do with this toy is tell your children that it’s a magical elf sent from Santas workshop to watch them. The idea is that the elf watches children to make sure that they’re being nice. Every night it’s your job to move the elf around the house. Your kids will actually think that Santas watching them! The elf on the shelf is one of the cutest gifts that you can buy your children.

The best part is that the toy is a great family tradition. Of course most families will only be able to use it a fear years before they find out that Santa isn’t real. Still we love the idea of the Elf on the Shelf. In fact we know countless people who use the elf as a Christmas tradition. The toy includes a blue eyed elf and a book that explains the story.

#3 Snap Circuits Junior

Snap Circuits Junior is an introduction to engineering. The reason that we recommend this product is simple. Let me use a long time friend of mine as an example. At a very early age my friend was introduced to Photoshop. At a young age he fell in the love with the program. Over the years he turned that love of Photoshop into a career that makes him 100k+ a year. Sounds nice right?

Toys like Snap Circuits Junior can spark an interest in your children. The toy comes with over 30 different pieces that allows you to build 101 different projects. Some of the projects include an alarm clock, a light police siren, and a flying saucer. Each project is entirely safe for children to build. The toy comes with a book that illustrates exactly how everything is built. All your kids have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions and they’ll be on their way to building great projects in no time!

#2 uCreate Music

How would you like your kids to product their very own music? With the uCreate Music your kids can do exactly that. The uCreate Music is an easy to use digital music-making system that allows kids to mix music just like an actual music producer. Your kids can express themselves by creating their very own songs. They can record samples, mix and match loops, and share their creations with friends.

On top of that they can also take their toy online to the official website. They can download content, build a collection of tracks, special effects, and filters. Overall this has been one of the best selling toys for the past few years. We think this toy has the ability to spark an interest in music. Which is why we wanted to recommend it as a Christmas gift. After all education is important right?

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