Fun 88 Review – How to Get the Most From Your App Promotion and Marketing


Fun88 is a social networking platform that is free to download from the Google Play Store. Fun87 was inspired by Facebook, and it has many of the features available on the popular social network. The idea behind Fun88 is similar to Facebook: you can list and share photos, videos, and applications (such as games) that you have created. Other users of Fun88 will be able to see your content, and if they like what they see, they can “like” your page for added access. They’ll also be able to comment on your content, and network with other users in the same area. You can view other user’s comments and activities from their feeds and see what their friends are up to.

However, there is a twist on the social networking style, and that is that you can now use the Appstore app to publish your own apps. This means that you can offer both gaming and application opportunities to all of the people who like your Facebook page, but who aren’t interested in joining any of the groups or tagging you might have set up. You can also use the Appstore app to publish more niche apps, which would be better suited to a specific group of people, but that is beyond the scope of this article. For more information on publishing your own app on the Fun88 platform, read the Applying instruction section below fun88.

Once you have your app built, you need to get the word out about it! How? Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising, especially when it comes to an app like Fun88. Once people find your application, they’ll be happy to check it out, and perhaps even recommend it to a friend. And the more recommendations you get, the better chance you have of having a successful launch.

What can other users do to help spread the word about your new app? One way is to join one of the many discussion forums available to members of the Fun8x platform. These forums provide a great place to discuss any given issue, and even interact with other members who are located around the globe. If you can’t participate in the forum yourself, feel free to leave your link and your app information there, so that other users can take a look at what you have created.

What else can I do to help promote my app on the social networks? Another option is to post the link to it on your MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with excessive social-media marketing, as this can potentially lead to your app being banned by the social networks. Stick to providing good, quality content, instead of going crazy with it.

Why should I use iTunes Connect to publish the app on the Appstore? This is a great tool for both mobile and desktop publishing. For mobile devices, Apple has taken the easy out of the Appstore app creation process, by allowing you to directly publish your app through the iTunes Store. For desktop publishing, you would select the desktop publishing option from the main menu, and then your app would automatically be published through the web browser for all visitors to see.

Shouldn’t I just be promoting my app on my own blog or website? This is a valid question, especially if you have a large following on Twitter, Facebook, etc. However, for the most part, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just these types of media sharing. The reason why is because others will not be as likely to check out your app if they don’t find it on the list of favorites in your social networking profiles. As such, if you want to reach as many people as possible with Fun 88, you should make sure to add it to all of your existing accounts. That way, when someone searches for apps in your niche, you’ll appear on the first page of the search results.

So how should you approach the promotion of your app? It’s important that you keep in mind that you should always provide quality content, and that you update your app regularly to promote its visibility. This strategy can be effective and will ensure that your app receives the attention it deserves. Remember, more people will trust your marketing and your app once you employ this strategy.

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