Fire Pit Meditation and Soulful Regeneration

There is something about the spectacle of a blazing fire that resonates with a primal part of the human soul. Today life-long memories are made toasting marshmallows for s’mores around the campfire while in centuries past sacred or religious ceremonies were not complete without bonfires.

The crackle of the wood, the hissing whistle of igniting kindling, and the calming warmth of the flame is hypnotic. Fire pits are the perfect way to connect to this elemental spirit and practice the art of meditation.

Meditation enthusiasts agree visual focal points, like candles or flames, help focus and direct the mind’s energy in a given manner. This type of elemental contemplation can be done px7 primal flow reviews solo or with a group of like-minded individuals around a communal pit.

The ritual usually begins with the focal point concentrated on the patterns of the flames, the ever-changing colors, the sounds, and the fragrance of the wood smoke. This multi-sensory approach to reflection calms the mind and as the experience progresses, the group begins to breathe in rhythm with the fire.

As the mind clears and the chatter of unrelated thoughts is tamed, the meditation is taken to the next level. Eyes are closed and while the sight of the flames is eliminated, the sensation of the heat and the crackling sounds are still present. Many people at this point in the ceremony find answers to unresolved problems become evident, or others feel as though stress is literally flowing from their bodies. Negative energy flows out, positive energy flows in. The key is to keep concentrating inward to allow the body and emotions to synchronize with the soul.

The beauty of meditation is how individualized it is – one person stands, another sits, and others may hold hands or hum softly. There is no right or wrong way; the spirit of the flame draws everyone in the circle together in an ancient harmony of visualization, rhythmical breathing, and intensified focus.

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