Exit Splash Screens Improve Exit Traffic Conversions

Exit splash screens are vital in today’s highly competitive market.  The websites running an exit splash program to capture exit traffic from their website are thinking smart and staying ahead of the majority of their competition.

Without an exit splash script installed on their website, they are effectively leaving money on the table for other commercial webmasters or internet marketers to pickup from them.

Exit Splash screens grab the users attention when they are about to leave the site, with perhaps an opt in form, a better or cheaper offer than that on the main website, or some clever witty 먹튀사이트 text to ensure they go from a browsing visitor to a paying customer.

There are various exit splash programs around today for the forward thinking webmaster to implement onto their site via FTP.  One of the most common is the virtual sales assistant (or VSA).  These have been used for a year or so by the internet marketing elite to ensure higher conversions, more opt ins onto mailing lists, or just to offer an incentive such as a free gift as a thank you for visiting the site in the first place.

A newer entry into the mix is cleverly titled Exit Splash, a web script coded and designed by Dave Guindon (who, funnily enough was also responsible for the VSA as discussed above).

His latest offering also includes other web scripts for maximizing the conversion rate of your site visitors, these include;

*  The main Exit Splash Web script
*  Viral Twitter Script
*  The Suggest Box script
*  Relevant case studies and tips for successful conversion.
*  Video format tutorials on how to use the scripts properly

Without a doubt, any online business not running an exit splash program in today’s dog-eat-dog market is leaving them in a seriously weak position, as those with an exit splash screen will be reaping all the benefits and of course, cashing the bigger checks.

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