EPDM Rubber Roofs – The Simple Cost Effective Solution for Flat Roofs

What is EPDM?

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetic rubber most commonly used in single-ply roofing used for flat roofs which is now readily available. Installation is straightforward with no special tools or complex equipment needed unlike other roof systems. It comes in sheets that can be cut easily and shaped to fit any flat roof design, including awkward air vents and parapets often found on flat roofs. EPDM has a long record of proven performance against tears and leaks, providing low maintenance and excellent weathering characteristics.

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Better with age: EPDM Fleeceback

The EPDM flat roofing membrane has advanced significantly over recent years. Problems previously associated with it in the past included moisture gain under the membrane which happens to roofs with air conditioned space beneath flat roofs toronto. The EPDM did not like to stick too well in these conditions and seam problems occurred. But as the product has been around for some 45 years now these problems have been overcome.

The new generation of EPDM Fleeceback has been combined with a polyester fleece backing and fabricated with a patented hot melt adhesive technology. There is now almost no shrinkage or the membranes whilst retaining the impressive stretching qualities needed for changes in temperature over the course of the year. By using factory applied tape, seaming of the rubber membrane is now simple and more effective.  This has also reduced installation times and cost massively, EPDM can also be provided with tape pre-applied to the edges for ease of installation.

Having a thicker sheet also improves the resistance to puncture holes and tears that can happen with nearly all flat roofs. So EPDM Fleeceback rubber is now more resistant to seal problems, wear and tear it’s life expectancy continues to grow. By having it installed by professional approved contractors applied in appropriate places, it’s current expected life-span has reached 50 years.


EPDM Rubber Membranes should be considered for any new or existing flat roof replacement. Single ply rubber roofs are very effective when installed properly. The additional use of EPDM Fleecback makes installation simple, reduces labour time, is more resistant to punctures and tears and could continue to protect the roof all year round against the harshest of seasons for up to and beyond 50 years.

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