Efficient and Effective Job Posting With Your Staffing Software

In 2013, the staffing industry generated approximately $122 billion in sales. With the industry experiencing rapid growth, staffing and recruiting companies are facing more competition in the marketplace than ever before. With this growing issue, firms have to fill orders faster and are looking for ways to get their positions out to the workforce as soon as they are processed.

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With staffing companies looking to offer more than their competitors, staffing software should be the first place they look. Staffing software should be the main tool of the organization. Staffing software helps decrease time to fill ratios while increasing visibility in the marketplace. One way of doing both of these is by utilizing various options when it comes to posting open job orders job posting.

Being able to post open positions that your company has the pleasure of filling is something that could give you that edge over your direct competitors in your territory. If you use various job boards like Monster™, CareerBuilder™, or Dice™, your staffing software should have the functionality to post to these straight from your job order screen. This should also be a two way street. Not only should your staffing software be able to post positions to your job board’s account, but they should have the ability to pull qualified candidates into database for your staff to start reviewing.

How is your company reaching the 802 million active Facebook users or the 300 million LinkedIn professionals with new positions that you have available? Innovative staffing software has ability to post to these outlets so you can increase your marketability and the advertising of your services. Post short descriptions of your available positions with a link to your online application. This will help automate your hiring process while you reach millions through social networks.

Besides posting to social media and other job boards, your website should be your main focal point when broadcasting new opportunities with your firm. Not only does posting your open positions show your candidates what’s available, but it also shows your clients what they can expect when they give you an order to fill. It illustrates that you have the tools that are needed to get them qualified candidates that will exceed their expectations.

State-of-the-art staffing software should have a full suite of features and the ability to post open jobs to your website should be one of them. Not only should all of your positions be in one central location on your website, but there should be some search functionality to give your candidates the tools to narrow down their search. Why not have your job posts integrate with your online application process? Every time an applicant applies for an open position, are they automatically tied to the job order in your database? Little tasks like this can be automated to remove the workload off of your internal employees so they can spend their time making placements.

Your staffing software needs to be your main weapon to fight off your direct competition in this rapidly growing industry. If you are posting open jobs to multiple outlets like your social media profiles, job boards, and your website, your visibility in the marketplace will earn you more orders over your competitors. Innovation and industry leading staffing software will guide you towards success no matter your competitive environment.

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