DermaWand: An Affordable, Inexpensive, Painless Alternative to Facial Surgery?

Contemplating cosmetic surgery because you can’t stand how old and wrinkled you think you look at 40? Hold on a minute—how sure are you things will go as you want them to? In cosmetic surgery, there are no guarantees no matter how famous or rich you are. Crooner Kenny Rogers learned this the hard way when he went in to have his eyes raised, and ended up looking all pop-eyed and surprised—all the time! In an interview with People, he said, “Last Year, I had so many lines coming in at the sides of my eyes up here. So I went in and got my eyes done, and I’m not happy about it. They’re too tight around the eyelids for me. It drives me crazy.”

When we are young, we think that we will never get old and will certainly never get any wrinkles and start looking like our mothers. Unfortunately, as the years pass, our skin slowly ages and one day you will see it in the mirror. If you are putting thought into getting cosmetic surgery to turn back the hands of time, then you may want to think again. Not only is this an extremely expensive proposition, but it is one that could backfire on you.

Unlike products like DermaWand, which offer many of the same benefits of cosmetic surgery minus the expense, pain, and inevitable down time, the surgical approach is painful and potentially fatal. Many women who have undergone cosmetic or plastic surgery have never woken up. Many have woken up to find that the surgery was botched and that they look like a freak. Even more have simply been unhappy with the results.

You must also keep in mind that recovering from cosmetic surgery is no small feat. You will be bruised, have stitches, be on medication and be away from your work for weeks, if not  Derma Prime Plus months. A simple “eye job” could leave you trapped in the house and without an income for months. Few of us have the ability to go through this.

How does DermaWand work? Here’s the science behind it: DermaWand rejuvenates the skin by sending out a steady and gentle stream of micro-current impulses. These impulses are low-level, and reach up to 168,000 cycles a second. That may sound threatening, but the truth is that it’s actually quite soothing. Think of how it must feel to have tiny fingers massaging your skin. Then, simply imagine that feeling magnified by a hundred times.

Is there a point to the high-frequency facial massage? From a physical and physiological standpoint, yes. The massage improves circulation, bringing vital nutrients as well as oxygen to the surface of the skin. The micro-current’s thermal effect on the skin also makes the skin appear tighter and more toned.

A product like DermaWand, which helps reduce wrinkles and lift sagging skin, is an alternative to undergoing plastic surgery. It’s affordable and painless, and it will not leave you with scarring, bleeding, bruising, and most importantly, saddled with a huge medical bill. In addition, Derma Wand is a product that you can use when and where you want to reduce eye sagging, lift skin around your neck and jaws and reduce wrinkles anywhere. Before you head to the surgeon’s office, take a look at ways you can retain your youthfulness that don’t involve a scalpel. Derma Wand is only one option. There are many more, so be sure to do your research before you lock in on a solution.

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