Cellular Phone Markets – Android Versus iPhone and the Smart Phone Cell Phone War For Dominance

It appears to be obvious that we have a war going on in the market place for cell phone dominance. It’s a war of the smart phones, one which the likes have never been seen before. On one hand you have the iPhone severely cutting into the markets of Motorola, RIM – Research in Motion BlackBerries, and the various Nokia smart phone models. And now you have Google’s Android phone coming online fast, and seeing record breaking numbers of buyers.

Smartphone Comparison Guide (early 2014)

Luckily, this smart phone market place and war for market share and dominance in the sector is creating much sound and fury in the media. As a flurry of news articles propel the sales of all manufacturers, providers, and component makers throughout the industry. 2010 will certainly be a pay-off year in the smart phone space, record sales at all levels, just in time for a global economic recovery in the tech sector. It is also a big payoff for venture capitalists providing capital to all the new innovative start-ups involved redmi note 8.

Whereas, companies like Nokia have lost market share, the pie has been expanding worldwide and their profits are up by over a billion dollars worldwide with profits that could likely double in 2010. Now the question remains; Will you, a consumer of personal tech be upgrading your cell phone to a super surfing completely connected smart phone this year?

Before you answer, you might consider what is available right now and what is coming down the line in the near future. Android marketers are counting on you, and so are Apple iPhone marketing executives. The reality is that it’s up to you, not them, and well, they know it, and they will pull out the stops to wow you over to their side.

Can Android outsell Apple’s iPhone and the next Apple smart phone version? Remember with the help of AT&T’s subscriber base and exclusive deal Apple has a hell of a head start? So, the answer maybe no, and we should smarten up and come back into reality to understand this ominous force before we answer that question.

AT&T has one of the best coverage areas in the USA. But it’s not the only carrier. In areas where AT&T does not rule the water, in those states, Android is outselling iPhone. So, the customers do have a say, but the coverage area and the carriers still rule the day. It seems there is a bit of exclusivity and turf war and some battlelines being drawn in the sand here.

Google may skip the Chinese launching of its smart phone due to rifts with China’s government, but in the US it is a war for market share. So, stay tuned and consider all this.

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