Boxing Vs UFC – Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather En vivo

With the possibility that one of these two will knock out the other on their fight later this year, it is hard not to make a buzz. We have already seen how Pacquiao dominated most of the fights before his big fight with Mayweather. Mayweather, on the other hand, has struggled throughout his career. So how does one make a comparison between Pacquiao and Mayweather? This article will reveal some interesting facts about the two fighters.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul By February 2021 - Brumpost

Age – Pacquiao is clearly the younger fighter. He is in his 20’s, while Mayweather is in his 30’s. But, does this mean that they are not equally skilled? Quite the opposite. Pacquiao has had more wins, and more knockouts, than Mayweather, who at the same time is far less experienced bryce Hall Vs austin McBroom en vivo.

Height and reach – The taller fighter is clearly favored by the crowd. Especially, when it comes to an outside fighter. In fact, it may be downright mandatory. This is the one advantage that Mayweather has over Pacquiao.

Strength and agility – This has always been the debate of the two. Pacquiao is said to be the class act, while Floyd is said to be all punch. One thing that is certain is that neither fighter will ever reach the same height that their counterparts have reached. And while some say that the length of a fighter’s arms has little to do with fighting ability, there are some that have been proven wrong. That being said, with both fighters having relatively short arms, this could definitely impact the outcome of any fight.

Passiveness – While it may seem that Pacquiao is too passive, this is not really the case. He will most likely try to box his way out, while also making sure that he keeps his hands low. If he does not throw a jab then he will most likely keep from throwing any hooks in which case, Mayweather’s jabbing skills might prove to be quite useful.

They say that boxing is a sport that is constantly changing. And while it is true that different styles have been used in boxing, many experts have also stated that this doesn’t affect the outcome. This is because the skill of each fighter is also based on his or her strengths, while conditioning is affected by how one’s body is performing physically. Therefore, these factors are what make up the real game. Therefore, the winner of the matchup will always be the one who was able to strike and dominate the other.

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