Be Your Own Electrician – The Essentials For Success

Whether you perform electrical work on an at home do it yourself basis, or have your own licensed electrician company, there are a few tools that every technician should own. Owning the correct tools not only makes the job all the more easy, but it helps ensure it gets done right. In this article, we will outline the various tools essential for every electrician’s tool box.

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Wire Checks
Perhaps the most important device in an electrician’s arsenal is the voltage tester. Holding the tester next to a receptacle or wire and checking and checking for electrical activity is how the device is used. Testers will commonly beep or light up with when electricity is active. This tool can effective save your life by ensuring that the wires you are working with are not live Wire Crimp Tester.

In addition, a probing multimeter is able to allow technicians the ability to check the exact amount of voltage running through any given wire. These devices help in diagnosing issues and checking polarity.

Megohmeters check the insulation of the wires.

Circuit analyzers are effectively able to measure the whether a power outlet is under load. This helps in determining if the electricity is being hindered from the outlet itself. In addition, these devices are also able to help in checking whether a circuit has been grounded correctly.

Underground wire detectors aid in locating wires lying under the ground. This allows for safe digging, thus preventing service interruptions and injury due to accidental ground wire interference.

Of your essential hand tools, several pairs of pliers are always helpful. Needle nose pliers provide that extra reach in a tight spot, whereas diagonal pliers help in cutting of the wire. Likewise, cable cutters allow electricians to sever large and small wire gauges in addition to TV cable, phone wire, aluminum and copper tubing. When attaching wires through use of a crimp fitting, crimpers are always a helpful tool. Lineman’s pliers are rather similar to typical pliers; through they are fitted with a crimping area as well as a cutting region. Wire strippers provide the ability to remove wire casing from the wire while leaving the actual wire unharmed.

Many of these tools are available at your local hardware shop. When in doubt as to the type of tool needed, speak with a sales associate to help you assess the situation and make recommendations regarding the correct tool for the job.

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