About Single Cup Coffee Machines

In tune with the increasing popularity of coffee, innumerable types and models of coffee machines are being designed and manufactured with different features and capabilities. For example there are single up coffee machines which can produce only one cup at a time. There are other types which can produce 4 or 5 cups to serve small families. Machines with 40 to 50 cups capacity are also available to cater the needs of commercial establishments. The size and design of the machines vary. The way coffee beans are processed and the beverage is extracted differs from machine to machine. There are well known manufactures who have mastered the art of coffee brewing. Many of the brand names are very familiar among coffee enthusiasts. French vanilla, Blue berry crumble and Bavarian chocolate are names synonymous with coffee and as popular as espresso, chococinos or cappuccinos. But then consumers have wide choices and they have developed fascinations for particular flavors and aromas. There are hard core individualists among coffee enthusiasts who will not compromise with the quality, texture and taste of their beverages. Many of them do not want to share a coffee machine with others. They choose a machine which produces only a single cup at a time for the sake of that uniqueness and freshness of the brew K cup filling machine.

But the consumer who opt for a single cup coffee brewer will have limited choices. The machine can produce the beverage by using K-Cup, Pod or T-Disc. Each cup will be costlier than other types of coffee made in conventional drip brewers. Once the consumer choose a single cup coffee machine, it is obligatory to make use of the ready to use K-Cup, Pod or T-Disc instead of separately grounded coffee beans or other brands of beans. The manufacturers design the machines to use their brands of sealed capsules exclusively in order to ensure the quality of the beverage produced. The advantage is that no separate grinders or filters are required. Further there is no question of wastage left in the machine. It is just one cup at a time. As the coffee is prepared then and there when it is required, the freshness can be ensured and the consumer can enjoy its taste and aroma. The machine is easy to use. So is its cleaning process. Pre-packed cups or pods with flavors like decaf, mocha and cappuccino to suit individual tastes are available. Apart from such flavors they are available with cocoa, green tea, decaffeinated and dark roast contents also. Many of the single cup coffee brewers are programmable. Timers are provided so that the coffee can be made ready at any pre-determined time.

There are several single cup coffee machines with innovative features available in the markets. The Salton MES-2 is a very compact machine capable of making single cup of 5oz or 10 oz coffee at a time. The machine is featured with removable water container to facilitate easier re-filling. Another product is Keurig B.100 which is claimed as a very sophisticated one designed to use K-Cups. The Black & Decker AM8 is based on pressure brewing technology which requires specially prepared coffee pods. It is well known for its capability to produce cappuccino, lattes or mochas. SSP23 from Mr. Coffee is another single cup coffee machine that works with specially made Gourmet Coffee Pods. Latest coffee machines have innovative features like digital display, beautifully designed glass carafe or detachable coffee mugs, easy to clean permanent filters and heat control mechanisms. There is plethora of other choices also for coffee enthusiasts in the contemporary markets.

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