A Short Story – What If

It was a warm spring morning, the kind that Amelia loved. Flowers had emerged from their safe cocoons and turned to the suns warmth. Their scent filled the air as the sweet smell wafted on the faint breeze. Colors seemed especially bright and beautiful this morning. Amelia knew it was going to be a special day. She could feel it in the very air that gently caressed her face.

Amelia decided it was too nice a morning to drive to work. She felt it would almost be a crime to have car emissions mix with the wonderful day and pollute the air. She decided to ride her bike. After all – it was only three miles to her job. She jogged that every day after work driveway bollards near me.

Amelia went back indoors and was humming to herself as she got ready for work. In a way she sort of resented having to be indoors on such a day. She wished she could call in sick and just take the day off, but she was too conscientious to do that. It would be like cheating and Amelia never cheated. Her friends told her she was too honest. After all, how many people would give back money if cashier’s gave them back too much change? Amelia’s standard reply was always – my conscious would not let me keep anything that did not belong to me.

Amelia finished dressing for her bike ride, and took out a knapsack. She neatly folded a skirt and put it in the knapsack on top of a pair of shoes. There was a plastic bag covering the shoes so they would not get her skirt dirty. She couldn’t exactly wear sneakers at work all day.

Amelia walked around her house and made sure all doors and windows were locked and secure. Then she went back outside, unlocked her bike, added the chain to her knapsack, got on her bike and began pedaling down the street. Her humming mingled with the trill of the birds.

When Amelia reached the building she worked in, she was a little sad. The ride had been too short. She wanted to keep riding on this beautiful spring morning. She gave a little sigh as she got off her bike and ‘parked’ it in the bike rack. She pulled out the chain from the knapsack and chained it securely. You never knew who might be passing and decide they would rather ride than walk.

She went into the building and walked straight to the ladies room. There she changed from riding clothes to work clothes. She took out her purse then put everything neatly in her knapsack. On the way out of the ladies room she saw Judy, a co-worker and the two of them exchanged pleasantries as they rode up on the elevator to the floor which housed the company they worked for.

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