7 Diablo III Demon Hunter Tips

If you are playing a Demon Hunter in Diablo III, and you want to level your Demon Hunter to the very top, then you have come to the right place. No doubt, leveling up a Demon Hunter can turn out to be quite challenging and enjoyable. However, you can get started with the following 7 tips. They will help you continue going and reach level 60 easily, in a very short period of time.

Useful Demon Hunter Tips

1. Normally, facerolling is easy, but having a few defensive CDs is best, in case nightmare hits. There are two particular offensive spells you should definitely run with, A Hatred Dump, such as Cluster Arrow, Elemental Arrow, Rapid Fire, and a Hatred Generator, such as Entangling Shot or Hungering Arrow. The rest of your spells should all be discipline-CDs, such as Caltrops, Demon Power, Preparation, and Smokescreen.

2. Smokescreen continues to remain quite effective, although it was nerfed as of May, 2012, and as now it has no CD. A Smokescreen will help you in getting out of many tight spots. However, keep in mind that even while invisible, you will not be able to run through mobs. If a mob backs you into a corner, popping your Demon power is your best bet, and hopefully you will end up burning them down faster before you are trapped. You might be able to tumble through them if you have Vault. Moreover, do not forget to pick up health globes while invisible. This way, if you have got Vengeance (P) it will help you while you are kiting non-stop in tight fights.

3. You can heal 60% of your HP by preparing with the Battle Scars skill rune. If you want to outrun a majority of situations to survive and fight some other day, then you should use it with 토토사이트 Perfectionist (P) with the no-CD Smokescreen, such as Displacement rune, LF, or Special recipe). Usually, you should be able to get to a comparatively safe place to Town Portal and regroup by using 3 Smokescreens. Use Smokescreen first if you are ever doubtful.

4. Fighting at checkpoints is a good strategy to survive and level your Demon Hunter. You cannot stack Caltrops, but you can estimate how far apart they should be placed to ensure that mobs are constantly snared by the radius of the trap. For maximum snaring effect, you should get Caltrops (r-Hooked Spines). You can use Rapidfire (r- Bombardment/ High Velocity/ Webbed Shot) with Steady Shot (P) and/or Cull the Weak (P) to run them down. For Custom Engineering (P) in close quarter fights like dungeons, you can switch out Steady Shot (P).

5. Do not hesitate if you need to regroup from a Town Portal and switch spells for different fights or individual mobs. This is why diversifying a list of actives and passives for every situation, is recommended, depending on how aware you are and your preference. Fortunately, Town Portal is free. Once you see a big bad mob approaching you, decide how to kite it most efficiently, then use Smokescreen, and run away to the nearest Town Portal.

6. Utilizing your followers is also necessary. It will not cost you to switch them out, so make sure you choose wisely if you are soloing. In close quarters, the Templars are good; for boss fights, the Scoundrel are incredible and against elites and mobs, the Enchantress is best. Using her controlling abilities, the Enchantress is able to break up mob groups that are quite common in open areas. It might be a bug, but certain Elites are actually affected by Enchantress’s Charm skill.

7. Mobs with ranges of effects and controlling effects can make things really difficult for you, so make sure that you approach them very cautiously. Jailor/Vortex/Waller from the three most dangerous affixes, specifically Waller since you cannot run through walls and use smokescreens. Arcane/Frozen/Mortar, are the secondary dangerous affixes and in certain rare cases Electrified. You should max-range anything with Teleporter, while you will be able to deal with the remaining affixes easily.

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