5 Tips on How to Choose Great Gran Canaria Hotels

You are thinking about taking a great vacation to Gran Canaria, but how do you go about choosing a great hotel to stay in? You have never been there, and you don’t know anyone who has. You don’t want to get stuck in a fleabag hotel with crummy service, and you don’t want to pay too much for your room. Read my tips for ending up in a great hotel in Gran Canaria or anywhere else you want to go.

Tip Number One.

Visit several hotel booking sites, such as hotels.com, Priceline, Orbitz, and several other sites of that nature. If you don’t know the name of any others besides the ones I have mentioned, just type in “hotels, ” into your search bar and visit some of the sites that come up. When you visit the site such as Rajeel, what you will want to do is type in Gran Canaria as your search, and see what hotels come up and what the price ranges are. After you visit some of the sites you will start to get a in the idea of what hotels are available, in which areas, and what the price range of the different hotels are. You can confine your search to the types of motels that you are looking for, in other words, don’t look for two star hotels if what you are really interested in staying in is a five-star hotel, and no need to look at five-star hotels if your budget only runs to two-star.

Tip Number Two.

When you are searching on the hotel sites for the different types of hotels, pay attention to things that are important to you. If it is important to you that the hotel have a pool, then you can put that into your search request, or just skim over the ones that do not have a pool. Likewise, you can do a search for family-friendly hotels, beach hotels, half board or full board hotels or any other features that are important to you. No sense wasting your time looking at hotels that will not fit the bill for you. And of course you will want to make sure to put in which area of Gran Canaria you want to stay in. You will want to know in advance if you want to stay in La Palma area or Playa del Inlges area.

Tip Number Three.

When you have gotten an idea of what the price range is for the type of hotel you are searching for, then you can move on to researching each individual hotel. Choose five or six hotels that sound really good to you, and that you are happy with the price with to do your research on. Then head on over to trip advisor, and the plug in the name of the hotel that you are searching for. This is a great way to get reviews of hotels from unbiased people. You will want to read through a few of them, so that you get a general idea of how most people feel, not just how one person feels. You also have to be able to read between the lines a little, as some people are not happy with anything, and some people are happy no matter what kind of place they are staying in. If, however, you are looking for a family-friendly hotel, and a lot of the reviews tell about how this is a party hotel with partiers roaming the hotel until 3 or 4 AM, then you will know this is not the type of hotel that you are looking for and you can move on. But you do not need to put too much emphasis on someone saying the beds were terribly uncomfortable, unless you read the same thing in several of the reviews. You will also want to pay attention to the comments about how far you are from the beach, or if shopping is close by. If you think you are going to be in the heart of the action of Playa del Ingles, the review may tip you off that you are further away than you want to be.

Tip Number Four.

If for some reason you do not find a review of the hotel that you are looking for at trip advisor, you can always again use Google or whatever search engine you use. Just type the name of the hotel into your search bar and hit enter, and start looking for sites that sound as if they may be giving a review. You are not looking for a site that will allow you to book this hotel at this time, instead be looking for words like “had a fabulous time at this hotel.”, or “Don’t let anyone talk you into staying here.” If you find phrases like that, you can pretty much be assured that you will get a review of that hotel on that site. It may take you to some type of forum or other site where you can read someone’s opinion of this hotel. You can also gather a lot of general information about Gran Canaria in this fashion, as people will not only talk about the hotel, but also their entire vacation.

Tip Number Five.

Now that you have done some research on the type of hotel you want, the location, and read some reviews, it’s now time to go about booking the hotel that you have chosen. You have already done some price research, so you will know about what you can expect to pay for the hotel that you have chosen. Say for example that you have chosen Ifa Dunamar, and you know that the price per night is running between 75 and 100 on the sites you’ve checked so far. Now you want to go back to your search engine, and plug in the name of the hotel that you have chosen one more time. This time, instead of looking for words that will lead you to reviews, you are looking for a site where you can book that hotel. Don’t forget to go to that hotels site, to check the price that they are offering. You can sometimes get a better price by going to a hotel’s home page, however, that is not always true. You might have better luck finding a site that will offer you a lower price on this hotel by typing in the words “sale”, “cheap”, or something similar, along with the hotel name.

Don’t forget that money is not always the only incentive to book at a particular site. Sometimes, you can get added value on one site over another, by the incentives they are offering, such as free breakfast, or, in the case of Gran Canaria, maybe they will include a camel ride through the Dunes of Maspalomas. If one site is offering the hotel for $75, and another hotel is offering it for $80, but includes free camel rides for everyone in the room, this may be a better deal, especially if you are taking a family.

I have given you some tips and strategies for finding yourself a great hotel in Gran Canaria. With just a little bit of time doing some research, you can be assured of getting not only a great hotel, but a great price or value for your money. So go ahead and start planning that great Gran Canaria holiday today.

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