3 Frequently Asked Questions on Downloading to Your Apple iPod

How Do You Transfer Music To My iPod?

The first thing you should do is make sure that you use Apple iTunes to transfer the music. Windows Media Player makes it difficult to download music to your iPod. Once you have downloaded Apple iTunes for free, you simply plug in your USB cable that goes into the back of your computer. Then if this is the first time you are setting this up, you will have to go through the Setup Assistant screen to name and register it. Next you should see the Apple store on your computer, you will now have the option of buying music or you can insert a CD into your computer and press the “Import” button that will show up shortly youtube video mp4 downloader.

Now that you have some music ripped to your Library in Apple iTunes simply click the song or CD you would like to download and move it into the empty section on your screen! You can now download as much music as you would like to your iPod.

How Do I Put Videos On My iPod?

Well putting videos on it can get a bit tricky and expensive. First you will need upload any movie you want to put on it to your computer with a DVD drive. After that make sure you convert your video into MP4 format because your iPod will only accepts mp4 formats. Then after you have completed the conversion simply go to your Apple iTunes, select the video and drag it down into the proper section and you now have your video.

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